Setting parameters via command line in Gatling in Windows

Hi Team,

I am able to run a simulation from command line in Windows but when I am facing issues in passing users and ramp up time from command line.
Please note, I have modified my script as per the below link.

Then, via command prompt I am unable to find a single command wherein I can set the JAVA_OPTS variables and run a particular simulation. Request your help in this.
After navigating to the bin folder, tried some of the below commands but nothing worked:
a. gatling.bat -s KnowNowHARNewObject JAVA_OPT="-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20"
b. set JAVA_OPT="-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20" gatling.bat -s KnowNowHARNewObject
c. set JAVA_OPT="-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20" .\gatling.bat -s KnowNowHARNewObject
d. set JAVA_OPT="-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20" ./gatling.bat -s KnowNowHARNewObject

Also, I tried in another option in 2 steps, but even this is not effective-
Step1: Set the environment variables
set JAVA_OPT="-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20"

In order to check, ran the below command,
echo %JAVA_OPT% and the output is :
"-Dusers=2 -Dramp=20"

Step2: *\bin>gatling.bat -s KnowNowHARNewObject
Expected Output: As the JAVA_OPTS variables are set to users=2 , hence the script should run with 2 users.
Actual Output: Script runs with single user and results are generated.

Request you to please help with the correct syntax for windows command line passing parameters at run-time.


I similarly passed variables but used

set JAVA_OPTS= -Dusers=2 -Dramp=20

Not sure if it is as simple as omitting the quotation marks or not…