java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request timed out


I upgraded the gatling version to 2.0.0 Rc5 in maven,But still I am getting the error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request timed out,I don’t know what to do??

please help me as quickly as possible


Did you use archetype? If you did, open your Pom.xml and change gatling and high charts version to 2.0.3.

No…I am not aware of archetype…But I changed inpom.xml…but it doesn’t work

Looks like a request timed out.
So possibly the test system could not respond in time.

Possibly check that the load you are applying to the system, ie the scenarios and inject, are reasonable. Then look at the load injector machine and test system to find where the delay is.

You may need to provide more information. Unfortunately this involves typically collecting information where applicable from a checklist of useful questions.
When did this first occur?
Can you identify a change that caused it?
Has it ever worked?
Provide the full scripts.
Describe the load injector machine, cpu/ram etc

What is the rate of the timeout error? Or percentage of total requests? Do they start later in the test?

Is the timeout a read or connect timeout?

A timeout is an error.
Using Brendan Gregg’s USE method, can you identify any other evidence of:

  1. high utilisation ( 100% cpu, thread pool threads active…)
  2. saturation (back pressure, full backlog queues)

In any part of gatling or the SUT?