JavaScript and ajax calls


we use a Liferay based application which has a lot of ajax calls and parallel requests due to portlet design.

We started using Gatling as our stress testing tool and till now the reports are good. But then we started reviewing these reports in depth and observed the reports are based on master page load being successfully loaded in some given time, but as we have a lot of ajax loaded resources whichtakes time and basically we have a blank page but Gatling says it being success.

Based on the above background I have the following questions:

1. Is there a standard way to deal with the above very common scenario with ajax calls? I know the galting is not a browser but is there a way?

2. In case we do not have a way then is it possible to read for few html elements in the response page to ensure that we have data in the page to make the Gatling scenario successful?

3. I ran the recorder to capture an event like "liking a content" which is a form post in ajax way, but when I run the script with the latest Gatling version I see a success but there is no action performed on the application level. Is there any debugging that can be done or is there any standard practice for this scenario too?

P.S. I tried googling and also documentation of Gatling but was not to get a concrete answer thus raising these questions here.. so any information shared would be a great help.


ABout the question 3:
I guess after you record the script, it is not ready for running. I think you will need some work .