Jenkins plugin does'nt visualize old simulations after upgrading to Jenkins 1.597


After upgrading to the latest Jenkins (1.597) I have som issues with the Jenkins gatling plugin, and that is that it does’nt seem to find old simulations. If I go in to a specific gatling simulation build, there is no gatling-button there (in the left menu), and it seems like the plugin is not able to find and visualize the simulation. If I run a new build everything works as expected.

My first thought is that this has something to do with the new JENKINS_HOME layout that Jenkins has implemented in the latest version (see and for more information).

On the server, all the simulations seems to lie there, and the new folder structure has been implemented by Jenkins.

Anyone else having the same issue after upgrading Jenkins? Is there anything I can check for on the Jenkins server (like specific files that the plugin looks for, specific folder structure etc.)?


I’m 99% sure the problem is this Jenkins directory layout breaking change.
Gatling breaks minor things between minor releases, but Jenkins is really something else…

Could you open an issue, please?


Yep, will open an issue. Should I open it on the gatling github page ( or the gatling-plugin page? (

fredag 23. januar 2015 09.34.20 UTC+1 skrev Stéphane Landelle følgende:

Gatling please. We try to keep everything in the same place.

Ok. Opened the following issue:

fredag 23. januar 2015 09.48.16 UTC+1 skrev Stéphane Landelle følgende: