JMS complicated flow

Hello! I need advice from the community regarding usage of JMS plugin of Gatling. The system under test gets one message from the client and sends 2 messages back. I want to measure the latency for both reply messages. The problem is that “requestReply” allows me to measure only one reply message. Is it possible somehow to get the latency for the second one as well? Maybe I can print timestamps directly to simulation.log? Or maybe you can consider raising an enhancement request for this one?

Thank in advance for answers and ideas.

Can it be solved by migrating to Frontline?

No, JMS support is the same.
The best way is to open an issue to suggest DSL design changes and possible contribute an implementation.

And no way to write into simulation.log in Frontline? I will think about DSL for this case :slight_smile: sounds interesting

There’s no simulation.log in FrontLine.
File logging and processing doesn’t scale.