JMS scenario distribution of messages not in time (delay)

Hey guys,

I’m running a JMS load test scenario against a IBM-MQ (running with Gatling v. 2.3.0) and I’m submitting 4 message types 40 times per second:

setUp(scnMessageID254.inject(rampUsers(40) over (1 seconds)) .protocols(jmsConfigMQ1), scnMessageID255.inject(rampUsers(40) over (1 seconds)) .protocols(jmsConfigMQ1), scnMessageID102.inject(rampUsers(40) over (1 seconds)) .protocols(jmsConfigMQ1), scnMessageID109.inject(rampUsers(40) over (1 seconds)).protocols(jmsConfigMQ1),

What buffles me is the fact Gatling is not being able to submit the required amount of messagess correct in time. Actually Gatling should fire 40x4 messages per second, but apparently - according to the logs -

there’s a delay of roughly four secends between each message submission :

The snippet above is with 100 msgs/sec. - bu it’s the same issue with e. g. 50 msgs./sec.

First submission 15:56:42, the second is at 15:56:46 - and not, as supposed, at 15:56:47

Is there any setting/property which I may don’t know?

Thanks for your help!