Kafka Gatling

Hi everyone

Quick help needed

In my simulation i wolud like to write some message in different Topic kafka on different


Is it possible to use a different protocol depedning of the exec ?

For example :

val kafkaConfig = kafka


ProducerConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG → “serverkafka001.xxx.x.”,


val kafkaConfig2= kafka

// Kafka producer configs
ProducerConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG → " serverkafka002.xxx.x.",


So some exec of my scenario need to write in topic01 and other on topic02

Am i able to set the protocol depending of the exec ?

Is there maybe another way to do it ?



This group is for official Gatling modules. Here, you’re using a community plugin. It’s best to directly get in touch with its authors, you’re more likely to get help there than here.