keeping track of errors

Hi, Im working on a simulation to check if my site is currently up.

The idea is to periodically check if the responses I get are ok.

To see that, I would need to keep the time of the last n request that went bad in a row.
If n is large enough, then I should do something (probably send an email)

I’ve been working on this for a while now, but I cant seem to find a way to keep track of the number of checks that have failed, neither if those checks have failed one after another (I dont want to make a fuzz if there were 5 bad request not in a row (maybe in aday or two, thats not too bad, but in a window of just a fe minutes, it all it would take to make me warry.

Is there something that could help me implemnt this.

Rgds, Jc

Keep track of the last failure date/time, and failure count. Every time there is a failure, set the last failure date/time, and increment the failure count. If the failure count is over threshold, do your notification action.

On the other hand, if there is a success, clear last failure date/time, and reset failure count to 0.

It’s simplistic, but it should do the trick for simple outage notification. Which begs the question: Why roll your own? Why not just use a service that already exists?

Hi Juan,

What kind of checks are you doing to checks that your site is up ? Checking the status code of the response ?
Because in all honesty, if your checks doesn’t involve much more that a status code check, using Gatling for that purpose is clearly overkill.
Using Dispatch ( and JavaMail to send your email, you could properly get what you want with a custom tool under the 100-150 LOC mark.
Do not misunderstand me, I’m happy that you like Gatling and want to use it, but here, it could just be the wrong tool for your needs.