[logback.xml] How to log failed requests/responses?

When I put



to the logback.xml, it logs all the requests, if I raise it to



it does not log anything any more.

The old links, the documentation and the sample logback.xml had all suffered link rot and/or are irrelevant now.

I have the same issue. Using gatling 2.2.3.
I could use extraInfoExtractor but i do not really know where to get information if checks have passed or failed.

As a wokaround I am using extraInfoExtractor from this page http://automationrhapsody.com/performance-testing-with-gatling-tips-and-tricks-for-advanced-usage/ . This works fine for me. Data are stored in symulation.log. I have also increased the file bufferSize from gatling.conf to get all data.

Thanks for the idea, Konrad! It would be nice to have this feature out of the box though (especially seeing it worked this way several versions ago)

You can try


WARN would log the fact that the error occurred, but not the failing request/response, as they are log level DEBUG:


18:49:23.456 [WARN ] i.g.h.a.ResponseProcessor - Request ‘account.activate’ failed: status.find.is(200), but actually found 401

18:49:23.456 [DEBUG] i.g.h.a.ResponseProcessor -

account.activate: KO status.find.is(200), but actually found 401

I forked Gatling to fix this behaviour, but I see Stephane already solved it in gatling/master: