Launching recorder from source repo (sbt?)

Apologies if this is a stupid question - I’ve been reading the project wiki and reading about sbt for an hour or so, and also experimenting in sbt. So far, no luck.

Is there a simple way of launching gatling-recorder from a cloned git repo?

I was expecting something like:

git clone
cd gatling
sbt runMain gatling-recorder

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi Alex,

If you want to try out Gatling with SBT, your best guess would be the SBT plugin :

Even if SBT allows to run main classes like App and Recorder, those classes are not intended to be run as-is, as some configuration is needed to make them work properly.



@Pierre: What about this idea of a git clone template?

@Pierre I guess I thought the build system might be able to configure
classpath etc. I am looking to make some changes to recorder, but I'd
need to build and run from my local source to do this.

This seems to do what I'm after:

    sbt gatling-recorder/run

Trouble is, this only "kinda" works : Logback is not configured properly and you'll have no configurable recorder.conf.
The same goes for Gatling's engine main class.
What I'm suggesting is to have the main classes, preconfigured by SBT tasks, which would allow to run them easily.
With that done, you could run both the Engine and the Recorder from the Gatling's sources, without using the bundle or an external project with either the Maven or SBT plugin to run Gatling or the Recorder to test your changes.

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We have some (kind of janky, very custom) code to do this:

These probably aren’t useful to you as-is, but might give you an example to build from if you haven’t gotten what you need.