LDAP load testing

I would like to know if LDAP load testing is supported with Gatling.
I ve read at Gatling - Scenario
" The exec method is used to execute an action. Actions are usually requests (HTTP, LDAP, POP, IMAP, etc) that will be sent during the simulation. Any action that will be executed will be called with exec. "
which is referencing LDAP.
I am using Scala.

Sorry, I really don’t know where those mentions to LDAP in our documentation come from.
This might goes back to Gatling early days 12 years ago when we considered those protocols.
I’m going to remove them.

There’s not official LDAP support in Gatling and I’m not aware of a third party one.
As LDAP is definitely a legacy protocol that’s been superseded for over a decade by SAMLv2, OAuth and OIDC, it’s very unlikely that there will ever be one, unless you build one or contract to have one built for you.

Thanks Slandelle for your answer,
I got your answer, no way to load test an Directory Server using LDAP protocol directly.
In fact my architecture is based on keycloak using openldap as a backend directory server.
My apps are using OIDC but I wanted to isolate the directory server for tests then load test the application which is making use of a federated identity and authorization management provided by keycloak.
If your answer is still a nope for LDAP, does it make to add the keycloak and consider testing both keycloak and openldap at one ? Is load testing a keycloak is supported by Gateling ? Any advise

Yes, you can load test your Keycloak, it will just involve HTTP.

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