Requesting for Rest API load test Tutorial from Scratch

Hi Team ,

Im new to Gating
I want to to Load Test Rest API
Please can you guide me how to start with scripting from scratch most of your video are for recording , its not helpful for me.
please can you make 1 tutorial to to API load test using ecplise from scratch

Many thanks

Hi Pooja,
Have you did the setup of SCALA ide integration with Maven ( involving Gatling artifact’s)? If not I can help on that.

The set up alone is little complex but it is a one time effort. Regarding the load testing it comes up with practice. The basic structure and steps is usually the same. If you want just mail me I will help you out.


Hi Pooja,

If not already done, you can check the Gatling Maven plugin documentation or clone the gatling maven plugin demo.
Not all resources are video, I think the advanced tutorial is the one for you.

Welcome in the load testing community ^^


Scala support on eclipse has come to a halt several years ago.
There isn’t enough traction on eclipse in the Scala community (and generally, eclipse usage has been dropping for years) to make investing on this platform worthwhile.
Nowadays, you’ll find the best Scala support on IntelliJ and vscode.
Or you can just run from the command line and use whatever text editor with syntactic coloration as suggested.

Hi Sebastien,

Thank you so much i will try for this.

Hi Aravind,

Thank you so much for your email.

Yes im facing issue in initial set up only.

Please if possible can you make youtube tutorial for MAC OS
1.How to start with eclipse or intelliJ
2.How to create project for Gatling
3.HOw to write first test cases for Rest API Testing

I was pretty impressed when i saw demo of GAtling when while trying on self assessment it’s not going well

If i learn i will be able to recommend for my company and Employees to use Gatling Tool for load Test

Many thanks and All the best


Hi Pooja,

It will be difficult for me to make a tutorial sorry for that, I can guide you , if you want you can contact me at the same mail or any other communication medium. It will hardly take one hour for the complete setup to be done that’s it.


Thank you will send email for you