Learn Gatling

Hi guys,

I’m learning Gatling and I’m getting some difficulties in some hard cases.

Can you give me some guidance where I can learn it better?

I didn’t found any book and documentation is poor in practical examples.


There is an example Gatling SBT project here: https://github.com/bbc/example-gatling-sbt.

Can I ask where you think the documentation is poor?


Hi Aidy,
Thanks for answer me. I think it missing real examples for each one of the DSL.
Also there is no books or tutorials in the web(new version). I’m the kind of person you like to learn seeing other projects.
For example I tried for one day to retrieve an object from a feeder or a session and i couldn’t. I didn’t find anywhere saying is impossible.

This is my feeder

def playerIdFeeder(): Iterator[Map[String, Player]] = {
  Iterator.continually {
    Map("player" -> new Player())

and this one of the many ways I tried to retrieve.

def registrationBody(venture: Venture) =
     >            <user-name>${player.username}</user-name>


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