Link between Users and RPS

Hi Team,

Could you please explain the link between users and RPS.
I have used the below scenerio.

constantUsersPerSec(3) during (1000 seconds)).throttle(
reachRps(40) in (500 seconds),
holdFor(5700 seconds)
)).protocols(httpConf).maxDuration(7200 seconds)

here we have 3000 users and throttle is 60 RPS.
How to identify how many requests will be triggered by each user?

If we reduce user counts the required RPS is not reached.And if we increase we are getting timout errors.


throttle is merely a cap on the load your simulation would generate otherwise.

You’d better design your injection profile and scenario properly: have pauses to have a the desired throughput and have a proper injection profile with the proper number of users to open (and close) the proper number of connections.