Throttling question

I am using version 2.0.1. I am trying to configure 2 scenarios. Both have different RPS. The scenario definition looks like this:

scenar.scn.inject(constantUsersPerSec(5) during (40 minutes)).throttle(reachRps(40) in(10 minutes), holdFor(30 minutes))

scenar1.scn.inject(constantUsersPerSec(5) during (40 minutes)).throttle(reachRps(10)) in(10 minutes), holdFor(30 minutes))

But I see that for both the scenarios, RPS generated at run time, is the same. Am I missing something here?


In the report, for the section, number of requests, does it show a combined graph? It shows 10 requests consistently.


Throttle, per the documentation, should only be used if you cannot set the throughput based on the user arrival rate constantUsersPerSec ().

What calculations do you have that shows that 5 ups will generate 40 rps?

If for example a scenario sends 1 request in total then 1 ups will generate 1 rps.


So I increased the constantUsersPerSec(5) to constantUsersPerSec(10). In the report, it is showing me the requests/sec as 8.46