Listener for Slack Integration

Do Gatling has any listener like TestListenerAdapter of TestNg for integration customise report in Slack. I want to gather some information from the Execution and send it Slack using Slack API’s. My question is “How can i get execution information after Gatling exection?” like Pass %, Fail%, 99% like this.

Have you tried using this kind of integrations in your favorite CI tool, eg Jenkins?

From CI tools, I am using Gitlab, and there we have Slack Integration which is using Slack Webhook to send reports and commit to slack channels. But there we can’t parse any log or anything. Hence I am not depending on Gitlab integration, I want to create my own custom method which will parse logs and send whatever I want to Slack channel after execution. Now we can parse log in any cases, but want to understand do we have any listener also like TestN’s TestListenerAdapter which is give summary of execution.

Well, I know how to do that with Gatling Enterprise, but not Gatling Open Source.