Load Testing AWS Kinesis Stream

Hi Everyone,

I am using Gatling 2.2.2. I want to load test our AWS Kinesis stream (which in turn invokes AWS Lambdas).

While reading from different forums, I realised that I need to write a custom protocol for putting records into Kinesis. I found an example for custom protocol implementation for AWS Lambda. Unfortunately, it is for Gatling 2.1 .

Do we have an example for custom protocols with latest Gatling version? Or if you have an alternate suggestion to load test AWS Kinesis, I am open to it as well.

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance


I got it working. So I am closing the discussion.


Hi Rupesh,

I am new to AWS and I want to load test our AWS Kinesis stream.Could you please suggest the approach.
Or how you did it in your case using gatling.


Hi Rahul,

Did you get inputs on load testing on AWS Kinesis Stream. Can you share please ?