Need Feedback for my open-source contribution for Gatling - Kinesis Integration

Hello everyone,

I apologise for upfront promotion on this mailing list. I have recently open-sourced my code for extending Gatling to integrate with AWS-Kinesis and I am looking for some feedback.
Since this is the most relevant channel to meet all the Gatling users and developers hence, I would like 2 min of your time.

We are using a lot of AWS infrastructures like Kinesis, Lambda and SNS topics while creating a pub-sub service. We wanted to do performance testing of our infrastructure.
Gatling was my obvious choice because of its feature richness. AWS have rich APIs for the above-mentioned tools.
This project aims at extending Gatling to communicate with the Kinesis stream directly.

So if you are using AWS infra this could be useful for performance testing. I would like to hear from you about your experience in testing your services.

Github Repo:

Details of Implementation:

I have extended the ActorBuilder, ActionActor and Protocol classes to achieve it. Jeroen Gordijn has explained the concepts in his blog here and I can’t better it. So I extend my thanks to him.

I have tried to give some examples and have tried to keep readMe docs relevant. Feel free to download it, branch it and contribute back and more importantly provide feedback if you find it interesting.

What’s next:

  • I will open source my code to integrate with SNS next week.

  • Create a sample terraform script which users can use to create their own Kinesis, SNS and Lambdas so that the examples become more relevant

Rupesh Dubey