Loadrunner java vuser script in gatling

In our project , we are migrating from loadrunner to gatling. There aregood number of scripts in ‘Java vuser’ protocol.

How can I run this in gatling. Highly appreciate your suggestion.

Java code is simple.

public class Actions
private ExecuteBlock mobileBlock**;**
public int init**()** throws Throwable {

web**.set_sockets_option(“MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS”,** “2”);
.set_sockets_option(“SSL_VERSION”,** “TLS1.1”);

return 0**;**
}//end of init

public int action**()** throws Throwable {

ExecuteBlock Block = new ExecuteBlock**();**
Block**.runFunction(<{my parameter}>);**
return 0**;**
}//end of action

public int end**()** throws Throwable {
return 0**;**
}//end of en


Short answer: Port the code to Gatling DSL. Do not even attempt to run them directly.

Thanks John. You mean, only option is to understand the API calls and create gatling scripts for those get/post calls. Is my understanding correct.

More or less, yes. For each call in your LoadRunner script, you’ll want a corresponding exec( http(...)... ) call.