looks like inferHtmlResources doesn't update load balancer cookies

Hi all.

I face with next problem - test worked OK, but after turning on another frontend box (AWS EC2) and settting up ALB, the test starts failing.

Make story short - turning off inferHtmlResources resolves problem.

It seems that requesting resources doesn’t update AWSALB cookie value (you should use the last one to be properly routed otherwise it will use random boxes but our user session lives on certain one [not shared]).

Can it be solved by configuration?

You’re most likely not using resources properly.

As explained in the documentation, resources will fetch resources from the same domain in parallel: https://gatling.io/docs/current/http/http_request/#resources
So you can’t expect sequentiallity that would fetch a cookie from a first request and using it with the second one, those requests will fly in parallel.

It’s not me who expect such behaviour, but Amazon ALB. And it works well in a real browser.