Max request payload size

Hey all,
I want to know if there is a limit on the max payload that we can send in a post request in the request StringBody and if there is a specific writing speed associated with it.
I want to test an API which has a default timeout of say 30 secs. I am able to test it with a small payload size , but as soon as it increases invariably , I receive a premature close error.
I think its because the complete payload is not being written in that duration or I might be missing something. So,any ideas?
And also are there any variables where we can set the request payload max size or the writing speed?
(Gatling Version used is 3.1.3)

No, there’s no such limit.
Your uploads could be timing out because:

  • your SUT can’t process in time
  • your load injector machine is not beefy enough (CPU, bandwidth)
    Note: you should upgrade to latest Gatling 3.3.1.

Thanks for such a quick response. I think I should check the CPU and bandwidth as you mentioned.