Modbus TCP Extension


We’ve built a rudimentary gatling extension to run modbus TCP actions.

Would you be open to a PR that added as a module? Or do you prefer to keep extension modules outside the main repo?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your generous offer.
Sadly, we from GatlingCorp are not familiar with modbus, so we don’t know if it would have enough traction and if we would be able to maintain it.
Maybe, for a start, you could publish it on Github and we would reference it on our side and see if it gains traction?



Yes, I totally understand - modbus is a pretty niche protocol.

I have pushed the code up here:

I’d appreciate any feedback that you have.

I’m wondering how to provide nice sugar for something like:

exec(connect("localhost", 502) { exec(read(...)). exec(read(...)) })

Where the connection pushed into the session is closed after the nested exec finishes (or fails).