Hi all,

I use Gatling 2 and I would run 3 scenarios :

setUp( Absence.scn.inject(ramp(20 users) over (30 seconds)),
DeclarationCandidat.scn.inject(ramp(20 users) over (30 seconds)),
ProjetProfessionnel.scn.inject(ramp(20 users) over (30 seconds))).protocols(httpProtocol)

I get the following error :
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: requirement failed: Scenario names must be unique but found List

Is it possible to run multiple scenarios ?

Thanks for help.

Your problem is exactly what the exception states: scenario names must be unique, and you probably copy/pasted and have a duplicate amongst Absence.scn, DeclarationCandidat.scn and ProjetProfessionnel.scn.