Multiple feeders in one request.

Hello, I’m afraid this is an ago old questions I haven’t found an answer to.

I have two feeder. One contains 10K strings of data the other contains 150 strings.
I need both of them in a Json request I’m sending into my endpoint under test.

I can combine the two value into a single feeder file but as you can see the two feeders don’t match as far and numbers so a combination of the two would be a pain.

From what I’m finding chainBuilder will only run one feeder. If I add the second feeder chainBuilder doesn’t like it. I’m sure others have run across this. is there a different syntax or approtch I should take?

Thanks in advance.

works fine

def getAppointmentSessions = feed(peopleFeeder)
  .exec(session => session.set("startDate", (
  .exec(session => session.set("endDate", ( + 1).toInstant().toEpochMilli())))
  .exec(session => session.set("appointmentTypes",ordTypes(randType)))
  .exec( http("Schedule Session Search By local (ScheduleSearchByTemple)")
    .post(app_url_test + "/api/v1/local/appointmentlocal/sessions/search")
    .basicAuth(devTestUser, devTestPassword)

chainbuilder doesn't like the syntaxt with 2 feeders 

Try with adding dot (.) before second feeder. E.g.
.feed(local feeder)

Perfect. Thank you.