Multiple jdbc feeders, random strategy, the same selected db record

I am trying to solve the following problem:

I have

val articleNumberFeeder = jdbcFeeder(jdbcUrl, jdbcUser, jdbcPasswd, “SELECT ARTICLE_NUMBER FROM STM_STATEMENT”).circular
val periodStartFeeder = jdbcFeeder(jdbcUrl, jdbcUser, jdbcPasswd, “SELECT TO_CHAR(PERIOD_START_DT,‘YYYY-MM-DD’) AS PERIOD_START_DT FROM STM_STATEMENT”).circular
val periodEndFeeder = jdbcFeeder(jdbcUrl, jdbcUser, jdbcPasswd, “SELECT TO_CHAR(PERIOD_END_DT,‘YYYY-MM-DD’) AS PERIOD_END_DT FROM STM_STATEMENT”).circular

The reason I use circular strategy is to make sure attributes returned from feeders are from the same db row.

But, I’d like to achieve random pick

Is there any way how to achieve this?


Hello Patrik,

Can you please send me the scenario section where you are using all these 3 feeders ?