Need Help bit Urgent

Hi Everyone,
First of all, Thanks everyone for this group to help each other.

I am a bit new to Gatling.
I am facing a few challenges while doing that.

  1. I have a server environment which uses intranet (where I cannot access the internet due to some firewall or something)
  2. Now I have an existing maven project of Gatling scripts(Maven require internet for dependency but I can’t access as I have mentioned in point 1)
    what should I do? I don’t have time to re-write all the scripts also.
    please help me out


You can Use gatling bundle to execute your tests:

I think this will not work since. i am using maven project and structure and have lots of dependency like apache poi, json Simple etc.
but thanks for the suggestion.

Populate the local maven cache on your desktop and copy it on the remote

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