Mvn gatling:test without internet connection fails

Hi together,

i try to run gatling tests with maven, but it fails because I have no connection to maven central.
I have a nexus running which is also configured within my maven settings, but this seems to be ignored by the plugin.
The error I get is the following:

14:12:45,295 DEBUG      io.gatling.commons.util.LatestGatlingRelease$| Failed to fetch latest release from maven central connect timed out

Dependencies in pom are as follows:


I hope you have a tip how to switch of the check or give them the local nexus to check for new version.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Hi @adegenkolbe,

The log you sent is only a DEBUG and is not an issue.
Indeed, Gatling try to fetch the latest release from maven central (and only there) but won’t fail if it can’t reach it. The purpose is only to display an announce of the new release.

So, there should be another issue if it “fails”.

Please, explain the actual behavior of the failure.
And perhaps the full log


HI @sbrevet,

thanks for the fast reply. I was indeed on the wrong path because of this output.
The is an issue within my test with a resource which could no be loaded.
I have to figure this out by myself.

Thanks and kind regards