Need help understanding Gatling test file

I created my first Gatling file called RecordedSimulation.scala", the script logs into my application and logs out.
So I wanted to see what a failure looked like, so I modified the username in the script to be invalid username, but when I run the file, my results appear to have all passed. I don’t get it

Me neither.
Was your updated script properly saved?

I am not sure I understand what you mean properly saved? below is a snipped of the code I changed. All I did was remove the “a” in “zsousa”. Then I saved the file.

.param(“username”, “zsous”)
.param(“password”, “1”)
.param(“ajaxLogin”, “1”)


The default check, which you are using since you didn’t specify one, checks the HTTP response status code is in the range 200-210.

If your application does not answer to a failed login with a specific status code(401 for example, as it’s the best suited for a failed login attempt), it isn’t considered as a failure.

If it’s the case, you’ll have to check manually that is the login attempt failed : if the page you’re redirected to after the failed login attempt contains “Invalid login/password” for example, you can use a regex check to check if it’s present or not. You can find more information in the Checks documentation :



Ah, good catch, Pierre!

thank you so much.