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Suppose there is a api that return the list of company employee. Currently we have only 3 records in the database, so api response time is good, but I want to check api response time when employee record is more than 500 in the database, but I have only 3 records in the database. How to test this scenario without inserting 500 records in database using gatling

Hello @Nitin1,

I’m not sure what you are asking.
The database response time is part of your request response time.
So to test your endpoint response time with 500 records, you’ll need to have 500 records in your database.

In another hand, the inserts are not mandatory performed by gatling. More: I suggest to have your database set up before your test. Indeed, filling your database is not part of your test, but part of the preparation phase of your test.

Does that help!


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