Need to to do a Fiddler capture of the http calls from a Gatling simulation

I have been doing an evaluation Gatling as an opens source performance tool for possible use by our performance testing teams, and my boss has asked me to do a Fiddler capture if possible when a Gatling simulation is running. I turned on Fiddler and ran my simulation but Fiddler did not see any of the http calls. Is there a specific port it is using when the simulation is running? Thanks!

Tom Vogan

Fiddler acts as a proxy right? So you’d have to have gatling or your underlying host’s network config to route HTTP requests through the Fiddler host (at some Fiddler port if needed), not directly out the network. I’m not sure if Fiddler auto-configures that for you. This is similar to what one does to adjust browser’s proxy settings.

I know on Mac, the Charle’s proxy tends to auto-configure for you in most cases.

But I’m sure you would see the calls if you just used a plain old traffic sniffer like Wireshark, as that doesn’t need proxy routing.