No Detailed Data


Is it possible to setup gatling so it doesn’t create a simulation.log file with details of each request?

I ask because I am trying to do a long running test with perhaps hundreds of millions of requests
and I am trying to preserve disk space (I don’t need the detail log for what I am trying).

thanks in advance,

If you go into gatling.conf and:

charting {
    noReports = true # When set to true, don't generate HTML reports

and maybe remove the file writer here:

data {
    writers = [console, graphite]


I tried that I set the charting.noReports = true and data.writers =
"console" both on the command line (as "-D" params) and in the
configuration file and it didn't appear to make a difference.

Any other ideas? I am using gatling 2.2.0.


Hi Gareth,

I´ve just checked it with Gatling 2.2.1: no simulation.log and even no results dir is created when noReports = true and writers = [console] is set in the gatling.conf.
I´d suggest you to update and to see if that does the trick.