Not able to see scripts

Hi all I am new to gatling. I was trying to learn gatling by documentation so i started with quick start I install java and gatling it was running fine and I recorded a script and then i checked the script it looks fine same as told in documentation but problem came when i was trying to run that script through $GATLING_HOME/bin/ when ever I give this command it says

There is no simulation script. Please check that your scripts are in user-files/simulations

I checked the folder but there it shows the script which i created and also which comes as default.

I am using mac laptop and running from terminal.

If you’re suing Java 9, please use Java 8 instead.

Issue is resolved. thank u so much
I was using java 9

Hi I used Java 9 because it was written to use up to date version in documentation.
Underlined by dark blue line in picture.

This sentence is to be understood as “Gatling requires JDK8 (meaning doesn’t support JDK9), should work with any JDK8 update, yet we recommend that you use an up-to-date update (latest atm is 1.8.0_152)”.