Number of active users in the report is showing more than what i configured


“Active users” is neither “concurrent users” or “users arrival rate”. It’s a kind of mixed metric that serves for both open and closed workload models and that represents “users who were active on the system under load at a given second”.

Thank you Stephane.

Is that new behavior? I thought the value was the maximum concurrent users for that second. Especially in FrontLine.

No, that has always been the case for Gatling OSS reports : “active” vu.
FrontLine has different metrics: vu arrival rate, termination rate and concurrent.

Okay, good, it’s not my imagination, FrontLine has a different metric.

I make heavy use of that “Concurrent” metric for figuring out the saturation point, so I can load up the system to a sustainably heavy load. And I’m in the process of documenting my process for others to follow. I’m glad this came up, I’ll need to document it differently.

With that in mind, Is there any plan to support the concurrent metric in OSS, or is that one of the features to entice people to move to FrontLine? (I’ll put your answer in my documentation…)

Gatling originally only supported open workload model.
Back then, we needed a metric that could provide insights on the number of users who were alive at a given second.
Number of concurrent users doesn’t make much sense for open workload model. For example, if typical vu lifespan is 10ms, you could have only 10 concurrent users yet actually be spawning 1,000 users per second.

We don’t have any plans for revisiting the OSS charts atm.
Not a matter of scope wrt FrontLine but a matter of manpower and priorities.