bug in report generation with gatling v3.0.2 when using rampConcurrentUsers/constantConcurrentUsers

Hi Gatling team,

earlier this month a member of this list shared how to perform a ramp-up, constant and ramp-down for both Gatling v2.3 and v3.

I’ve a small simple lambda example “lambda.ru” from ruby 2.3:

run ->(env) { [200, {“Content-Type” => “text/plain”}, [“Hello World!”]] }


It can be started using the following command line:

rackup -E production lambda.ru


At the end of this email, the scala source of my Gatling v3.0.2 test using rampConcurrentUsers/constantConcurrentUsers. There is no think time or pause, by design.

On the console log, I can see that the active count of users works as designed in the code, but the graphical report generated doesn’t represent the right number of injected users (it’s not consistent, I see more than 200 users).

---- RecordedSimulation --------------------------------------------------------
active: 40 / done: 19905

Have you read the documentation about what “Active users” are about?

Active users (= how many users were alive in this given second) is completely different from “concurrent users” (= how many users were alive at any time in this second).
You’d get the “concurrent users” metric in FrontLine.