Orbeon form with gatling

Hi ! I’m fairly new to gatling, I have been asked to update an existing test project

The project use Orbeon form

From what I saw with the chrome dev tool, is that each time I fill a field a request is made towards an xforms-server with a UUID and body

That part I managed to include it in my script

At the bottom of the page there is a “Place Order” button, with the browser if I click on it after all is filled The order is placed and that OK

But with gatling, if I “click” on the button, order is not placed because form is not correctly filled in

Same behavior with the chrome dev tool

did someone already worked with Orbeon forms and gatling ?

Thanks !


First time I hear about Orbeon so I guess it’s a niche technology.
If so, the skills on this technology are probably pretty rare and you’re unlikely to get help from the Gatling community.
You might want to try your luck with the Orbeon community or the Orbeon editor.

From what you described, it seems a bit similar to JSF where components have UUID that might not be fixed but must be re-captured every time a page is generated.


Hello, yes it’s quite a niche technology from what I’ve seen, concerning the UUID I recapture them each time so this part is managed in my script

I tried the same “experiment” via the dev tools of chrome,
opening my form and sending the POST request, it returns a HTTP 200 but nothing is visible in the form

I will check the Orbeon community and also try to find someone that knows Orbeon forms at my work

thanks for the reply !

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