Random Dynamic IDs - How to easily fill in certain ones

Hey all,

Got a problem I just can’t figure out on a load testing scale. Have a forum with multiple fields. The field IDs are different each time you go into it, as you fill it out fields are dynamically added and subtracted. The IDs are not nice and neat either. They aren’t sorted in order and they recalculate themselves when things get added.

Is there any easy way to go “The sixth field down” or to search for a specific label and pull the ID off of that or well I’m open to suggestions on how to make this easier for testing.

Sadly, you are kinda up the creek on this one. Gatling does NOT interact with a real browser. It does not execute any JavaScript.

The best you can hope for is to understand the relationship between what is done on the screen, what is sent over the wire, and how that is interpreted on the server. There HAS to be a rhyme or reason to what gets sent across the wire, else the server won’t know what to do with it.

Once you understand how the browser composes the information that it sends across the wire, you can duplicate that logic in Gatling. But you won’t be doing it by “selecting the sixth form element” on a dynamically generated document. It just can’t be done that way in Gatling.