Ordering in gatling reports and Group calculations

In my scenarios, I typically name requests with #'s at the beginning to indicate the order/flow of the requests. For example, “1 - Homepage”, “2 - Login”, “3 - Do Something”, “4 - Logout”.

However, every time a report is generated, it seems to have a random order that is completely disconnected from the name, etc.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround or trick to get the report generation to order it correctly?

Also, I’ve been using the “group” tag to encapsulate/aggregate stats for requests that I know will have redirects. After taking a closer look at the reports though, it seems like the various group statistics are greater than the sum of the individual request statistics. Can anyone explain how the group stats are calculated? Does it basically include the time between the requests in the stats too?

Thanks for the help!


No, default sort order is not random: it’s the first temporal occurence. Note you can click on column headers and sort requests by name.

Regarding stats, please read the documentation: http://gatling.io/docs/2.1.7/general/timings.html

Thanks so much for the quick response… Soon after posting, I found the group timing description in the doc. However, I am still puzzled by the request ordering. Below are two screen shots with with requests sorted ascending and descending.

That seems fairly random to me other than the grouping of requests and groups. After digging in a bit deeper with the chrome dev tools it looks like the js code is sorting on a “value” field in the dom and those values correspond to the order of items in the generated stats.js file.

Here is a sample below…

contents : {
“group_6-select-partic-51c49” : {…}
“group_9-complete-regi-ee03c” : {…}
“group_5-enter-team-na-a3b29” : {…}
“group_11-confirm-regi-f20ca” : {…}
“group_8-enter-registr-8cd00” : {…}
“group_7-join-as-a-new-239bb” : {…}
“group_12-logout-86172” : {…}
“req_4-click-form-a–8ff3f” : {…}
“req_2-goto-random-t-f89c2” : {…}
“req_1-goto-teamrais-422e7” : {…}
“req_10-enter-cc-inf-a4e45” : {…}
“req_3-click-company-a55a7” : {…}
“req_13-company-page-2b669” : {…}
“req_2-goto-random-t-dce85” : {…}

My next step, once I get a chance, is too look at the code that generates the stats.js file.