Results of grouping requests


The implementation of grouping requests is really a very good thing. We can have now, a idea of the response time for an entire page html.

However the results of the gatling stats (picture below) seems (for my part) not representative.

For example, for the grouping request ('Accueil, picture below), you compute :

  • the max value with the max of each child’s requests (same thing for the min)

  • the mean value with the average of each child’s request.

Is it not better to sum all the values for the max, min, mean ? (grouping is the sum)

Thank for your answer
Bests regards


Hi Gilles,

Looks like a bug: groups (are supposed to) have their own metrics and a group response time is more or less the duration between the start of the first request and the end of the last response.

Could you share your simulation.log, please?



Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for your quick answer, i have the same view of the grouping response time that yours.

Here is the joined simulation logs .

Cheers and happy new year :wink:

2012/12/31 Stéphane Landelle <> (273 KB)

Issue opened:

Happy new year too,