"overloaded method protocols with alternatives" on using a custom protocol

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a project which required me to create a custom protocol in gatling. Following a couple of tutorials online I’ve been able to write it but facing the below exception :

Error:(22, 5) overloaded method protocols with alternatives:
(ps: Iterable[io.gatling.core.protocol.Protocol])AcdPerformanceTest.this.SetUp
(ps: io.gatling.core.protocol.Protocol*)AcdPerformanceTest.this.SetUp
cannot be applied to (com.rookieintraining.acd.protocol.AcdProtocolBuilder)


Sharing the gist of the implementation :

Any pointers what can be the issue here? I have another protocol with a similar code written for actions and components which works fine.


You’re not importing your Predef._ so customBuilderToProtocol is not visible.

Hi Stéphane,

Thank you for helping me with the query. Its resolved now.