Pace for whole scenario


I’m playing with pace option and would like to know which option will be better. I would like to prepare simulation (open model) when from the very beginning I will start with rampUsersPerSec, and after some time keep constantUsersPerSec

It should shape a traffic like this (more or less):

During scenario I’m using WebSockets (two different) so each of them is using unique name.

When I create injection profile like this:


With this approach it is working fine.

I also tried to add forever loop and pace at the very beginning of scenario (ofc with changes at .injectOpen method) and I found some issue. Issue is related to that, user is reusing name of WebSocket - perhaps it is easy to fix, adding some random ID to name but I wonder which approach is better to achieve traffic shape mentioned above


What are the axis units in your chart?

It doesn’t matter, chart is showing only how I would like to inject users.
Let’s say during first 5 minutes I would like to use Ramp Up from 1 to 5 users per second. After That, I would like to keep arrival time at level of 5 users per second (Constant Users Per Sec).

Basically this injection:


is working fine. I’m just curious which method is better

pace is a pause whose duration is computed based on the last time a given virtual user passed here.

It cannot control the arrival rate of virtual users. That’s what the injection profile is about. Stick to your original approach.

I saw many examples where the scenario starts with .forever() loop, and then a .pace() was added. That’s why I asked if this is a proper way

pace in a loop is for having the same users loop at a given pace :slight_smile:
eg employees using all day long an intranet application.

You wanted new users, so the injection profile is better suited.