Parallel resource fetching

Hi guys,

I want to be able to request parallel download of resource to simulate a browser… I so the following info at this link

Gatling allow to fetch resources in parallel in order to emulate the behaviour of a real web browser. At the request level you can use the resources(res: AbstractHttpRequestBuilder[_]*) to fetch specific resources.
Or you can use fetchHtmlResources methods at the protocol definition level. Thus Gatling will automatically parse HTML to find embedded resources in the dom and load them asynchronously. The supported resources are: , , , , ,

I’m a unclear on how I would do that in a scenario script… can you give an example?

Also is this dynamic? ie can we “GET” a web page parse it for the tags listed avove and kick off the fetches in parallel?



Did you try latest snapshot?

That sounds like something we talked about a while ago :slight_smile:

Yep, absolutely :slight_smile:
We’ve already implemented quite a few things and are stabilizing them.
I’ll ping you some day for your opinion on some strategy choices we’ve done.

Feel free :slight_smile:

Thanks I will try the latest snapshot, but an example script showing how to use fetchHtmlResources or resource(res: AbstractHttpRequestBuilder) would be most appreciated.

Failing that the link to the relevant documentation :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work



Documentation for the upcoming version is stored with the sources and hasn’t been published yet:

Thanks Stéphane