Simulating a browser

Browsers parse html and when they encounter a sub-resource, load it in a blocking manner. Resources are loaded in the order they are encountered, with a few rules:

All stylesheets must be loaded before any javascript may be executed.
All resources in the head must be loaded before any resources in the body.

Most modern browsers, excepting IE10, load resources in parallel with a limit of 6 concurrent connections per domain.

With that in mind, does gatling simulate browser behavior in this way out of the box, or is it necessary to emulate this behavior manually in a simulation script?


Regarding the fetching, we don’t support parallel fetching yet, but that’s something we plan on doing (
Regarding the parsing, I don’t think we’ll be able to implement it: Gatling would need to be a real browser in order to know which styles are applied in the page and download the associated images. Same thing for javascript that downloads other javascript, etc…

Parallel download will be really cool. As far as parsing goes, kind of what I figured – but one can always hope! Thanks for the tool!