Parameterizing Form Parameter Key values

I would like to pass different KEY values in a form param.In my case

.formParam(“”, “Add Issue”)
.formParam(“woppid”, “${loginToken}”)

My requirement is i need to pass the key value which i get in before request response.Is that possible to pass the KEY value which i got in before request in form param.I have passed only VALUE pairs till now through csv/random generators.

When you get the previous response, save the key into a variable as follows:

And use the value as follows

.formParam(“woppid”, “${mykey}”)

Example to save value:

http(“Get Account”)

Hi Vinod,Thanks for the quick reply
In my case formParam(“”, “Add Issue”),the highlighted is the key …my concern is can we pass KEY differently everytime rather than a static value because my KEY gets changed everytime i refresh the page.I have passed only VALUES differently till date by using csv feeders/random generator.

I have not tried the same. Technically it should be possible. You can give it a try.