Dynamically adding parameter names and values to a post request

I’m very new to Gatling. I’m currently working on a POC for Gatling and am working scripting a performance test for a dummy site.

I have no way of determining the number of keys and values, they are randomly generated. The ‘multivaluedFormParam’ function does not support a list in the key argument, but I have added a list as a key param to try to illustrate what I am trying to achieve.
I have added the code below:

.exec(http(“Step 15”)
.multivaluedFormParam("${paramList}", “${valueList}”)
.get(uri1 + “/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.3.1”)
.check(status.in(200 to 304)))
.check(regex(“Correlation Challenge Completed”))

Is there anything inbuilt already to support this? Any help is appreciated.

No sane framework would generate dynamic form field names. Here, it’s just a load test scripting challenge, no a real use case.


  • multivaluedFormParam is for passing ONE parameter. You’re looking for formParamSeq or formParamMap

  • Gatling 2.2 (snapshots are already available, see download section, and no, it’s not documented) will have a form(CSS selector) check and a request.form so you can capture all the inputs of a form and send them back (and override values).

Thanks, I’ll try formParamMap.