Passing Today's Date In Gatling Body using session.set but no success

I am trying to pass today’s date in Gatling Body using session.set but no success

I have below code where using joda-time( timestampfeeder variable is set

I have used below dependency in my pom.xml

class gamekeeper extends BaseSimulation {

  val  timestampFeeder: String = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("yyyy-MM-

exec { session => session.set( "TimestampFeeder", timestampFeeder )}

  val createPrivateEvent ={

    exec(http("Create Event As WER")

      .post("" + {Env} + "/silve-griffin-service/graphql")




      .exec { session => session.set("NEW_ID", session("EventId").as[String]) }



  val scenario4 = scenario("Full GameKeeper tests“exec(createPrivateEvent).


  constantConcurrentUsers(userCount) during(testDuration))



Seems No success in value substitution ,why session.set is not able to replace the value of TimestampFeeder