Performance test a service which reads from queue and sends a webhook to configured http endpoint

I need help in performance testing following service

input message → sns/sqs → service under load → sends messges to output http endpoint

I wanted to know how to test the above system where the messages are sent to AWS sqs,
the service reads from the queue and sends the messages to a pre-configured HTTP (POST) endpoint.
This http endpoint can be any thing ranging from a mock server to any external api.
What I could do

  1. Setup gatling project
  2. I could write a custom protocol to send the message to sqs queue.- WIP

What I need help with

  1. How do I listen to the messages the service sends to the http endpoint.
  2. How do I implement it.
  3. How do I get the regular gatling result metrics ?

Any help here is much appreciated

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Any help regarding the above scenario?