Persisting Gatling reportis in influx db for comparisons

Currently we run a short performance test after each release, to establish a baseline of sorts.

It gets triggered by Jenkins job and resulting report is stored in Jenkins as well.
According to multiple sources it’s not a good practice to treat Jenkins job history as persistent storage (no backups etc).
My question: is there an example which extends the beyond tracking

the simulation mid-flight?

For example to compare the results of running same scenario vs different builds of our software - currently we do it manually by opening 2 Gatling reports side-by-side.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ivan,

You can have a task in your Jenkins job to push the results JSON to a nosql db and write a small UI app.

If you are looking for influx dB for comparison have a look at David Blooman's site

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply, I have seen several such tutorials, all of their example dashboards show graphs of deep dive of single simulation/scenario, while I wanted to show and compare different executions.