Problem Accessing body in signatureCalculater

Hi there,
here is my simple scenario with a StringBody

val scn = scenario(“get topic scenario”)





.headers(HeaderMapHelper.createHeaderMap(“POST”, null , “${deviceId}”, “${deviceInfo}”, “${userAgent}”))

.body(StringBody("""{ “id”: “001B1D25-D31C-453B-85D2-D00DB5A19F25”, “type”: 2, “label”: “KATWARN Dev”, “topic_id”: “katwarn-dev-topic”, “provider_id” : “kwrn_de”, “enabled”: true }""")).asJSON



When i try to access the requests body by request.getStringData() i get null.

What’s wrong

Thanks in advance


signaturecalCulator now uses request.getCompositeByteData() ro access the body.

Problem solved


Actually, it depends on what kind of body you pass, but indeed, when passing an EL string, there’s a good chance you now get a composite. Beware to duplicate if you read it in the signature calculator so the positions are right when finally sending the body.