Problème Utilisation No Proxy Gatling Configuration


I have a problem for using no proxy externalisation configuration.

Below My Code :

val conf = ConfigFactory.load()

/** Declare the http protocol main setup in a value */
val httpProtocolProxy = http.baseURL( conf.getString(“parturl”) )
.proxy(Proxy(proxyHost, proxyPort).httpsPort(proxyPort)
.credentials(proxyLogin, proxyPassword))
.noProxyFor(conf.getString(“noProxyUrl1”), conf.getString(“noProxyUrl2”))

I get the value for below :


Plateforme CIble :

parturl =
ccuUrl =

noProxyUrl2 =221\.129\.79\.163\:8000

First, I must remove “https://” from value noProxyUrl1 cause it’s not valid.

Seconde, when i am using Ip:port, the value is never accepedted.

I had test with différent regex but its always KO.

An idea please ??

As per doc, noProxyFor takes a list of hosts.