Question about "", defining binaries folder and ""

HI folks,

looking at deploying Gatling 3.1.2 in the cloud and currently playing around with Docker & Jenkins :slight_smile:

One approach I’m currently looking into is to have an installation of Gatling in “/usr/share/gatling” and start the Gatling test over Jenkins (command line)

  • /usr/share/gatling would be a read-only folder
  • I’m setting the binaries folder using “-bf /somepath//target/”

But it is now working properly- an “” is still created in $GATLINGHOME/target

Looking at “ZincCompiler.scala” it won’t be working as expected

val cacheFile = (GatlingHome / "target" / "").toFile

Some thoughts along the line

  • IMHO this is not the expected behaviour and will not allow to run from a read-only installation safely

  • “” is updated by each test run

  • Of course I can symlink to something like “var/gatling” but I can not guarantee that no parallel execution take place thereby corrupting the file

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl